Our Values

About Us

At Quality Title & Escrow, Integrity, Accuracy, Efficiency, and Detail are the foundation of our culture and level of service.


Perhaps the most important among our values, you can rest assured that we strive for consistency in honesty and morality in everything we do. We deliver on our promises without compromising these values. Our goal is to be the most reliable title and escrow service in the industry, and we meet our aim with unwavering intention upon integrity.


In most cases, buying real estate is a life-altering experience, and, in some, it’s also the largest investment an individual or family will ever make. Knowing that the professionals you depend on to guide you through the ever-changing process are experienced, educated and informed, is essential but only a part of the process. Accuracy is an important characteristic that we at Quality Title & Escrow strive for in everything we do. Clients can trust that the knowledge and experience they need will be met with the accuracy they rely on.


Anything worth doing is worth doing well and doing right the first time. Working smarter, and not harder, thereby maximizing productivity and minimizing wasted effort is key to all of our success. Quality Title & Escrow has processes and procedures in place that are designed to amplify efficiency and cutting-edge technology and systems that bring that efficiency directly to the consumers’ homes.


We care about the details. If we didn’t, you wouldn’t receive the quality product we endeavor to deliver. Small things make large differences in this industry, and it’s our job to make sure that those differences are in your favor, not against it. Our clients deserve the best, so we ensure the details are covered to ensure a quality product.

Meet the Owner

Kayla Henson

A native to western Kentucky, I was born and raised in Livingston County, KY. A small community whose local pride focuses primarily upon its youth. I knew from a young age that I had dreams that extended beyond the borders of this town, and the educators and mentors in my life were going to help me achieve them.

After completing my education, I began my career as a teller at a local bank. It soon became apparent to me that the financial industry was where I wanted to pursue my future. In the coming years, I would work in every position I could in an effort to find my true passion. I would try every position from teller to mortgage loan originator and, later, I would even try my hand at accounting for a prominent local real estate firm.

While gathering over 12 years of experience in the real estate industry, I found my passion lay with title and professional services. For five of those 12 years, I would spend my time with another prominent local title company as an escrow assistant and later office manager and head of operations. All the while, I built relationships with clients and shared some of the most rewarding experiences of my career with them.

The versatility of my prior experiences only helps me provide a better quality service for our clients. This not only lets me navigate the ups and downs of this industry more easily, but it rewards me with a sense of awareness and value to everyone involved in getting our friends and families into their forever homes.

Buying a home is one of the most rewarding and life-changing experiences an individual or family can have. It makes my day to see the smiles, hopes, and dreams for themselves and future generations in the faces of every individual I meet at the closing table.


Why do I need a Title Company?

Whether you are looking to invest, sell, or buy, having a competent and informed title company to handle all aspects of the transaction from start to finish is an absolute must. Not only do most lenders require the services provided by a title company, but real estate transactions are some of the most complex transactions, with a multitude of laws and regulations governing the process, whether there is a lender involved or not. Since homeownership is potentially one of the largest and most important financial decisions you will make, and most certainly a life altering one, the added protection for your investment and future provided by seeking professional services can only bring additional peace of mind and an assurance that the deal was done right and done well.

Can you accommodate out-of-town closings?
Yes, we certainly can! We offer a variety of options for the out-of-town client from handling documents requiring original notarized wet signatures via email and overnight to electronic signatures where possible to even coordinating with another company to set up a full witness closing in the town nearest and most convenient to the client.
What are the closing costs associated?
Closing costs vary widely depending on multiple factors in any given transaction. Even so, the only fees we can even begin to anticipate are our own. See our Services & Fees or call us to request a quote specific to your needs today!
What are the payment options for your service?
Stand alone services are payable by cash or check only and are due upon request of said service.

Services rendered as a part of a full signing and escrow transaction, whether it be a lender closing, cash closing, or even an escrow only closing, are due upon disbursement date (the date the proceeds from the transaction are legally able to be disbursed to the appropriate parties). Fees due from the buyer/borrower will be included in the final total amount due for the closing in total and will need to be in the form of a cashier’s check payable to Quality Title & Escrow. Service fees owed from the seller will be deducted directly from the seller’s proceeds.

Are there any additional fees if I close on a house faster than expected?
No, there is no room for additional fees for efficiency in our book! If you close sooner than anticipated, the only obstacle will be scheduled availability.
How long does a title search take?
From the time a request for a residential title search is made and, in the event of a standalone search request without an escrow closing, the service is paid for, the turnaround time to the end product is usually 5-7 business days. Some exceptions may be made for multiple tracts or deed references, etc.