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What is a title search, and how does it work?
Among other items placed of record, when a property is financed or it’s ownership is changed, a record of that transaction should be filed in the local county’s public records. When you have a title search completed, these records are thoroughly researched and examined to ascertain ownership, accuracy, applicable liens, lawsuits, property tax status, and any other claims to the property in question that could affect your purchase or ownership. Industry standards require these records are researched back a minimum of 30 years for residential property.
How long does a title search take?
From the time a request for a residential title search is made and, in the event of a standalone search request without an escrow closing, the service is paid for, the turnaround time to the end product is usually 5-7 business days. Some exceptions may be made for multiple tracts or deed references, etc.
How do I know who the current property owner is?
If you have the property address, you can most likely obtain this information from your local Property Value Administrator’s office.
What types of properties do you service?
Currently, our offices are equipped to service all residential real estate transactions from land only to multi-family residential properties such as condominiums, duplexes, quadruplexes, townhouses, etc.,
Can you accommodate out-of-town closings?
Yes, we certainly can! We offer a variety of options for the out-of-town client from handling documents requiring original notarized wet signatures via email and overnight to electronic signatures where possible to even coordinating with another company to set up a full witness closing in the town nearest and most convenient to the client.
How much notice should I give you to perform a title search?
Generally and also depending upon the scope of the services requested, a minimum of two weeks. If you have questions about your specific situation and timeline, reach out to us today!
Is there a rush fee?
Rush requests are only entertained when the market permits and are at the discretion of the Company. However, whenever possible, a rush may be requested at no additional charge as, even when conditions are favorable, a rush cannot be guaranteed.